Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Visitor From Your Future

Imagine yourself at home alone on a quiet morning. Your doorbell rings and you take a look through the  peephole to see who it is. At first glance, you don't recognize the stranger, however, this person looks like one of your family members. The smile on the stranger's face gives you a warm feeling as you decide to open the door.

“May I come in?” The stranger asks.

“Do I know you?” You ask.

“We are related.”


“More than that. It's better if we sit down.”

You study this stranger that claims to be a family member while walking to the sitting area and wonder just how you two are related.

“Anything to drink?” You ask.

“I'll have what you are having.” The stranger replies.

What happens next is stunning. The stranger tells you of this amazing journey that has taken place in the last ten years. Today is the day that this journey comes full circle. Somehow, the stranger was able to travel backwards in time ten years in order to have this conversation with you. This stranger is you!

You don't even recognize the you from the future because you look so different from the way you are today. You marvel at what you have become. Your muscles are well toned and the ten pounds you've lost reminds you of the way you looked in younger days.  The future you exudes confidence and a smile that lights up the room.  You admire the haircut, the clothes and the positive attitude.  What a joyful day this is.

The you from the future describes the many storms that are ahead and the choices you will be confronted with. “Each time you come to a fork in the road, you will need to make a choice,” the older you says. “The temptation will always be to take the easy way, however, it is the tough road that will shape you into the you that you are to become.”

Hours pass like minutes as you pepper the future you with questions.

“There are some things that I am not allowed to share with you about your future. There are people around you that will be exiting soon. They don't have the opportunity that you have to get a visitor from the future. The one who sent me is relying on you to reach them before it is too late. They will never believe that this conversation took place today. There is only one way you can help them to make the right choice… You must lead by example. Live your life to the fullest, one moment at a time. Don't get ahead of yourself and stop worrying about the future.”

Your heart races as the future you brings the conversation to a close. You hug. Tears fill both of your eyes as the future you walks out the front door. Looking up, the future you says, “you will want to get your raincoat out. There are several storms headed your way. The storms will shape you into the person you are to become.  Remember this, after every storm you will see a rainbow. No matter how bad things get, God wins.  God bless you.”

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