Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Show Time

One of the only people in America who missed the Super Bowl
My wife snapped this picture during the Super Bowl.  She came in to my cave to check up on me in the middle of a marathon day of writing.  I only come out for food and water and to handle any duties on my calendar.

There is no TV in my cave, only my sandbox filled with writer's toys.  My email is my only form of communication with the outside world.  My focus for these next couple of days is to oversee the dinner/dance/auction at my church.  I am surrounded by about a dozen amazing volunteers that are making huge sacrifices in order to make this event a success.

Once the party is over at midnight on Friday night, it will be time to return to the cave and complete my book.  The Holy Spirit is working wonders in my life.  I feel like one of the kids from "Hansel and Gretel" who is lost in the forest.  The Holy Spirit has given me a trail of bread crumbs to follow so that I can find my destination.

The work that I am doing is not humanly possible.  Most people would have stopped following the bread crumbs long ago.  Even my wife became nervous when she saw how many hours I was working alone in the cave.  She begged me to get my blood pressure checked after church on Sunday.  Although it was on the high side, it was still in the normal range.  I assured her that as long as I remained in prayer throughout the day, I would be able to handle all that God is asking of me.

I will be back out of the cave soon.  It's almost show time.  Remember to follow the crumbs.  Even Hansel and Gretel beat the odds and lived happily ever after.  Stay on the trail.

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