Saturday, February 12, 2011

About the Cover

I would like to thank two members of the team today for delivering on their promise to give me an incredible front cover for my book, "God's Black Sheep Squadron." They only needed one weekend to refine and polish my idea for the cover.

When the original vision for the cover popped into my head, I visualized the Cross as the centerpiece. The sheep in the picture are looking away from the Cross. Even though they cannot see the Cross, it's visible for all who seek it.

The sheep on the front cover represent the family I grew up in. My father always regarded himself as the black sheep of the family. He didn't share much about his own faith with me, however,  in his final thirty five days I learned my most important spiritual lessons.

My hope for all who read this book is that they find what they are truly searching for and they discover what a true treasure the Cross is. There have been many times in my life when I felt far away from Jesus, just as the main character in the book, my father, felt during his life.

Sometimes, the simplest solution is to turn around and change directions. If you feel lost and you don't know what is missing in your life, please read this book.

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