Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let the Waters Rise

The YouTube video you see below is part of a message I received from a member of my inner circle, a group of tennis buddies seeking a tennis team national title.  We have been through so much together as a team and these people have become my closest friends.

Tennis has been my escape during this busy time in my life.  I have asked for prayers so often from these good friends and they continue to reach out to me even though they don't my deepest troubles.  I have been seeking direction from God and don't really know which path He wants me to take.

Be sure to play the video.  The message is profound, especially if you find yourself in a storm.  It pays to have friends you can turn to.  In my case, as my boat is taking on water, I know there are people in my life that I can count on.  Their faith is strong.  May you be blessed with friends like the ones I have found on my tennis team.

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