Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Emergency Prayer Request

 My daughter pleaded with me this morning to please post a blog message about the grim situation in Libya.

“No one is reporting the atrocities that are taking place,” she said as I drove her to school this morning. “You must do something immediately.”

‘You've got it, Nicole. I will post an emergency prayer request this morning. You are right. The world needs to wake up. Can you fill me in on the latest details?’

“Dad, they are raping the woman, they are going into the hospitals and killing doctors so that the sick have nowhere to go for help. The whole country is in chaos.”

‘Nicole, this is what happens when a dictator closes off his country from the world.  Libya and many other countries around the world are going through tremendous pain and I will do my part. Our country has always stood for the weak and the powerless. Reporters are afraid to go to places like Libya. The only thing I know to do today is to answer your request and blog about Libya. I am so proud of you for standing up to the evil that is present in this world today.’

Please take a few moments today and pray for those who are suffering at the hands of ruthless leaders. Pray that the sick and the wounded will be cared for. Pray that civility will return to a country that has oppressed the innocent. Pray for peace.

Thank you for doing your part. To my daughter, Nicole, I am so proud of you. You represent the good that is to come in the next generation of leaders. May you always keep your passion for helping those who need it most.

May God bless the people of Libya and the people all over the world that feel separated from His love.


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