Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Power Weekend

The finish line is in sight now. I have rounded third base, heading home. My memoir will be released in just 18 days. This weekend is devoted 100% to writing the remaining chapters. This morning, my wife entered the cave and served me my patented breakfast of Ancient Grains cereal, topped with sliced bananas and pure almond milk and a couple of slices of Ezekiel 4:9 bread. She recognizes that  I need to remain confined in my cave all weekend and she will make sure that I am free of all distractions and that I don't forget to eat.

A cold front has moved in from Canada and the forecast calls for snow at the 1,500 foot elevation, the same altitude our home sits. This picturesque setting gives me a great view from my mountainside cave as I work away using my new dictation software to write.

There is the sense of bewilderment  inside of me this weekend. Reflecting on the newest acquaintances in my life that consider themselves atheists, like the gentleman I spoke with yesterday, an aspiring author, I see how God plans to use me to bring these people to Him. These people are not your casual nonbelievers. They are steadfast in their beliefs. These people are so important to God and He is using me to reel them in, not with facts and figures, but with heart and passion.

I look forward to my exit from the cave once this book is complete. It's time to get back to work now. I'll be seeing you soon. Don't forget to sign up for the Angel in the outfield program. Time is running out and that will be the last page that I work on before sending my book off to be published.

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