Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Love Letter to my Community

Today's blog message goes out to the entire world, although it is inspired by members of my hometown in Ramona.  The love that has been given to me and my family nourishes my soul and I feel so alive.  At last, the separate parts of my life are coming together and individuals that lift me up are getting to know one another.

The other night, two separate committees in my church sat together, mapping out a future course.  I spoke of the legacy that we will leave our children and grandchildren similar to the one we have with our annual Thanksgiving dinner that was started sixty years ago.  The theme for our Valentine's Day dinner, dance and auction is Heart 2 Heart.  It's a time for our community, not just our individual denomination, to come together to celebrate our love for one another.  During our meeting, we made plans for Heart 2 Heart, 2012.  We will be inviting the entire community to come share a fun evening with us as we celebrate love.

While we were attending our big event, sixty of our youth were at a three day retreat.  They have so many fun activities to look forward to and they get the opportunity to share their God-given gifts with others.

During our meeting, we spoke of ways of becoming a more welcoming community.  Our pastor has a vision of lighting a fire in the congregation that will allow each individual to become engaged.  The fire already started.  Our choir is adding new people every month and the pews are filling up with people who are attracted to the light.

It is such a joy to be a part of all that is happening in my community.  Thanks to the folks at the Treasure Box, those in our community who are having trouble putting food on their table can now pick up food boxes from our church and stretch their food dollars.

If you feel you are on the outside looking in, maybe today is a good day to join a faith community.  If you already belong to a church but feel disconnected, try volunteering.  Giving of yourself to others brings a joy that will make your heart sing.

You have the power to change the world.  Begin today by sharing your gifts in the community where you reside.

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