Friday, February 25, 2011

The Retreat Returns

I tried to hold back, to bite my tongue and keep quiet during the first stewardship meeting at my church.  My plan was to show up, listen, shut up and leave.  My pastor was only asking for me to check out one group meeting and I knew I was already too overloaded to take on another project. God had different plans.

As I listened to my pastor speak about lighting a fire in the church and getting others to become engaged, I got a warm feeling inside of me.  Suddenly, the Spirit within me leaped out and I blurted out that we needed to bring back our retreat.  It was the same Spirit that prompted me to become a speaker at our church retreat, the One who inspired me as I spent hours putting talks together for future sheep.

The wheels are in motion now and our pastor has approved our plans to bring back the retreat, most likely to be held near the end of the year.  Our lead evangelist is making plans to modify the retreat to fit our youth group.

My good friend, Michael T. has volunteered to be an evangelist.  He was part of the original group of speakers when he lived in my hometown.  He is also the person I mentioned in my blog about seeking organ donors.  Click here to read Michael's story about receiving a new liver as he was just hours away from certain death.  Since receiving that transplant, he became a deacon and  adopted four more children, bringing the total number of children to eight.  We are blessed to have him return to share his story in the upcoming retreat.  He will bring several people with him from his church so that they can become the seeds for a future retreat in their community.

This particular retreat is special for me because this is where I first experienced the Holy Spirit moment that set up a new direction in my life.  It is safe to say that it is the moment I became "born again."  Soon, others will get to experience Jesus as the first followers of Jesus experienced Him.  I can't wait to get involved again with this very special group of people.

My only regret is that this retreat is open to members of my own denomination only and not available for the general public.  My calling is for ALL the lost sheep, not just the ones of my faith, however, God has not fully prepared me for that role.  I do know that I am to play a part in bringing His people together who are scattered and divided.  He wants His people to be ONE PEOPLE.

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