Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Treasure Box President and CEO Visits Ramona

The president and CEO of the Treasure, Craig Shugert,  offered to help deliver Treasure boxes to our community using his own SUV.  He is pictured here helping Kristina LaRosa load her pickup with forty treasure boxes that she and her friends are donating to our senior citizens.  

After just three months, our community is now delivering almost two hundred food boxes per month to families in our town.  The folks at Treasure Box will deliver directly to Ramona starting in October due to the overwhelming demand.  The forecast is one thousand food boxes per month to be distributed in our small town.  Word of mouth is spreading quickly.

The success of this food ministry comes from the willingness of volunteers to come together and share their time and talent. Many purchase boxes to be given away to needy families.  One such individual purchased forty boxes this month that she will donate to senior citizens.  Her generosity will bring hope to a community suffering from reductions in senior care programs due to the poor economy.

Craig wanted to visit our delivery site to offer support and thank our volunteers for helping out every month.  We are very excited to be offering special Holiday food boxes for the months of November and December.

If you would like to donate a box to a needy family, click the link and enter zip code 92065.  Select our site, Immaculate Heart of Mary, and we will make sure a needy family gets the food.  You can also order great quality food for yourself.  Click here for more information.  Thanks, Craig, for firing up the troops.  It was great to meet you.  Here is a photo of our volunteers, pictured with Craig on the right.

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