Thursday, September 23, 2010

Great Coaches

Coach Doug Failla with members of the girls varsity tennis team
No matter what level we attain in our athletic endeavors or anything else in life, we will always need coaches and mentors to guide us.  Behind the teams that win consistently are coaches who analyze our strengths and weaknesses and then compare  them with the opportunities and threats that we face.  When a group is involved, a great coach will place each individual in the appropriate spot to maximize the team's performance.

My community has been Blessed to have great coaches and mentors.  The photo above shows the girls high school varsity tennis coach, Doug Failla, firing up his team.  They owe their 4-0 start to his coaching skills.  Every day, he motivates these young ladies to be the best they can be.

Jesus Christ is the ultimate coach and role model for our world.  I marvel at what He was able to do with a bunch of unqualified and unskilled men.  He shaped them and molded them into leaders who forever changed our world.  They were "unqualified" for the job until He "qualified" them with the help of the Holy Spirit.  For the ultimate in instruction, we need to go back to the basics.  Everything we need to learn from the best is there.  Read the Bible daily, you will learn life lessons that are out of this world...

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