Friday, September 3, 2010

Beyond Religion

As I prepare to initiate "point-counter point" with my atheist friend, Olivier, on this blog, I am pondering his very deep questions he has been asking on the tennis courts.  "Most people are closed minded and know very little about the facts behind their positions", he stated.  "You are not afraid to debate me in the open in front of your blog readers.  You are willing to listen to my point of view and not judge me."  I answered, "You are well educated and you have many questions.  Our journey together goes beyond my own specific denomination or even religion itself.  It is not my desire to force my own beliefs on anybody, only to share all the good that Jesus has done and  is doing in my life, just like telling a friend about a good restaurant or recommending a book or movie."

There are many people on this planet much more qualified to tell you all about religion.  I spent many years learning all about God.  It was not until I began to know Him that my life changed dramatically.  The details will be shared in my first book.  Thank you for visiting and for your emails about this blog.  I look forward to spending more time with you daily...


Olivier said...

Even though I don't believe in God (even though I believe Jesus existed, but is not who people believe he is...but that's only my opinion), I really appreciate our discussions on the tennis court or during our social parties. Regardless of where you come from, believers or not, if everyone on earth would use a tennis racquet or a good glass of wine when arguing about religion, we would certainly live in a better world, without all these wars and unnecessary deaths...which unfortunately exist most often because of a religious disagrement, or religious conquest. Good night all...and remember next time you're angry about religion with someone...don't start a war. Pickup a racquet and battle on the tennis court with a net in between ;-)

Michael Mulligan said...


I love picking up a racquet and battling with you...I also enjoy sharing a good glass of wine and discussion about your topics of interest.

The nice thing about tennis is that it starts with love. Jesus taught us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Somewhere along the line, there was a fault...maybe even a double fault.

The blog readers are waiting for our "spirited" discussion on point-counterpoint. The ball is in your court. Thank you for your comment.