Saturday, September 25, 2010


God Bless our military.  I have been fortunate in my travels to meet the people who serve to protect our country and the helpless around the world.  The other day, I got to witness something very special.  The team captain from my daughter's tennis team huddled everyone together before the matches started.  She was praying for God to give them strength to do their best for His glory.

As I watched these young ladies come together, I was in awe.  God may not be allowed in our schools, however, He was invited to be a part of the extra-curricular activities.  This is what freedom is all about, having the opportunity to connect with our Creator without the fear of being killed.

One of the writers in my critique group recounted his visit to Europe over the summer.  There were some Muslim young men who stopped by to see what was up.  One of the boys volunteered to be a part of the play that was Christian-centered.  At the end of the program, he asked to follow Jesus.  There is a very high price to pay for a decision like this.  Once you accept Christ, your family has the option of murdering you for turning away from their faith.  There are places where Bibles are not allowed.  There are places in my country where God is not allowed.  My prayer today is for those who do not have freedom.  It is also for those who pay such a high price to follow Jesus.  May all who seek Him, find Him and may they be protected.  May those who have freedom be reminded what a gift that is.  Don't forget to thank those fine men and women who risk their lives so that you can have freedom...

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