Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It is done.  Public prayer and praise in our community park has set off a round of aftershocks that will forever change lives.  As I watched my daughter and niece play their doubles match together, one of the other dads told me what he witnessed during the evening of prayer.

"While I was walking around the park, I could see people being drawn in.  The looks on their faces told me that they were dealing with very deep emotions.  The songs and the prayers, they were touching these people who appeared to be hurting", this spectator told me.  "What happened in our community will forever change many lives.  I am sure some people came to Christ that night."  I told my friend that I felt an awesome presence on that special evening.  At first, I felt awkward, because I was in a circle praying with pastors from all the churches in Ramona.  I have no theology degrees or special credentials.  In God's eyes, that did not matter.  As these leaders prayed out loud with hands joined, I could not hear their individual prayers.  It was as if each was tuning up his instrument with random words that somehow joined with the others in a way that resembled some sort of new language.  It was the Holy Spirit who was directing this choir and I knew I was part of something very, very special.

The aftershocks continue.  God has been invited back into our community.  People are talking about how special that evening was.  My prayer today is for these aftershocks to be felt around the world.  May the light of Christ touch the lives of people in lands far off.  May our youth come to know Him in a special way and share their light with others...

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