Friday, September 17, 2010

It's a Wonder-FULL Life

"No man is a failure who has friends"- Clarence..."It's a Wonderful Life"

In less than 100 days, we will be celebrating Christmas.  High unemployment, job losses, and the burdens of a slow economy haunt us, weakening the Holiday Spirit and causing us to forget the real reason for the season, Jesus.  Maybe we question our very existence on this planet, like George, from "It's a Wonderful Life"?

The Evil One has been hard at work, breaking up marriages, destroying families, and convincing the world that there is no hope.  I can see myself in George, maybe now more than ever.  I deeply appreciate my friends who have stood by me, they see me fall and they extend their arms, helping me to get back on my feet each time I am knocked down by the enemy.  Each day, while writing, I think of the possibilities for others who are feeling despair.  I pray that Jesus will keep showing me the way and that my contributions will make a difference.

All of us can use an angel like Clarence.  Maybe you are that person who can help someone in your life to feel like they belong, that they are special... that the world is better because they are in it.  I am Blessed to have my own set of angels in the outfield who are supporting "God's Black Sheep Squadron".  Reach out and touch someone.  Encourage one another.  Remember, as one of my angels on earth recently told me, "it is a wonder-FULL life" (thank you, angel #12, for sharing your words of encouragement, you have earned your wings)...

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