Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Little Things

Great accomplishments in life start with the little things.  Paying attention to the smallest of details lays a foundation for astonishing feats.  Be wary of small thoughts, they are like seeds.  Jesus teaches us that if our faith can be the size of a mustard seed, perhaps the smallest of seeds, then we can move mountains.

If you want the harvest of your life to be bountiful, plant seeds today.  Nurture these seedlings.  These "little things" will reward you as they grow.  My favorite seeds are faith, hope, and love.  They are nurtured by studying the Bible and reaching out to others.  Take time to share your seeds with others, especially those who may be hurting.  The little things you do for those who are suffering do not go unnoticed in God's eyes.  A daily commitment to do this will lead to a bumper crop that will feed many.

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