Monday, September 20, 2010

Touched by the Spirit

Conscience...the Soul's Ethernet connection to the Creator ~ Mike Mulligan

The new face-lift you see on this blog comes from the Holy Spirit...the One who has been guiding me on this book writing journey.  As more and more pieces of the puzzle come together, I rejoice.  There have been so many times when I did not feel the winds blowing...I felt "stuck" or stalled.  These are the times that I learned patience, the times I could hear my inner voice or conscience without distractions.

The winds are blowing now.  There are days when I am writing until midnight, only to rise again as early as 5:00 AM to search for another piece of the puzzle, just like going on a scavenger hunt.  I get goose bumps each time I discover one more piece of the puzzle.  Some of you reading the blog are a part of this amazing conundrum.  There is a steady stream of people that encourage me and help me to discern the next step.

Learn to trust the Holy Spirit.  Plug into Him.  Be patient.  Even when you cannot feel the wind blowing, He is active.  Enjoy the times when there is stillness in the are being prepared for the Santa Ana winds that will usher in a new era in your life...


Spirit Warrior said...

I believe we all need to listen and trust the Holy Spirit in all that we do. When we spend time in prayer, that's when He will give us the direction for our lives.
God bless you,

Michael Mulligan said...

Amen, my brother in Christ. This journey we are on can only completed with daily prayer, fellowship with other believers and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Thanks for your encouragement and God Bless.