Saturday, August 8, 2015

Credit Card Freedom at Last

This is the day I've been waiting for.  I'm flying the coop today.  No longer am I a slave to the credit card companies or their hired guns.  I'm out on parole.  I found a way to escape from my original life sentence.  It wasn't easy.  I felt trapped.  Every time the banks slapped me with a harassing call, a notice from a zombie debt collector or a summons to appear in court, I thought to myself, what a great chapter this will be when I publish my get out of debt story.  I'm not afraid of their lawyers and there's nothing they can do to keep me from sharing the lurid details.  They realized too late they messed with the wrong person.

I'm the first to admit my mistakes.  But the other side did something that made my blood boil.   A third party debt collector hired a law firm to go after my family.  I spent hundreds of hours planning a counter attack.  I put a picture of the lead attorney on my lap top so I could see his face every morning when I woke up.  The stakes were high and I knew the consequences if I lost.  When it was all over, the other side asked the judge to dismiss the case in order to avoid sanctions.  The saga will be published in "Break the Chains of Debt Bondage."  Today I'm going to spread my wings and fly.  It's a good day.  8/08 marks my first day of credit card freedom.  I'm celebrating with a 4,000 mile family road trip next week.  Have a great day.

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