Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Build Your Writing Muscle with Two-a-Day Workouts

I needed some extra help this month to stay on track with my writing goals.  Family commitments including an upcoming ten day vacation and a deadline to publish my third book are challenging me to raise my game.  The solution is to increase my daily writing sessions to two-a-day every day for ten days.  This will help me honor my promise to publish one new blog story every day while I'm away on my road trip.  There's another fringe benefit – when my writing muscles are stretched beyond their comfort zone they grow stronger.  I'm planning to use these workouts to get me in shape to complete my next book.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone.  Double up on your writing activities to help you cross the finish line.  The more you write the easier it becomes.  Happy writing.  Have a great day.

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