Tuesday, August 4, 2015

4 Days to Go

"We can get beans and rice at the grocery store this week," my wife said.  She knows what's on the line.  It's been one of our most excruciating battles ever in our twenty-six year marriage.  I'm referring to our challenge to cut the umbilical chord with our credit card companies.  Remember the ten pigs you counted on your toes when you were growing up?  Our household has the one pig who stayed home.  He felt entitled.  We weren't sure we could ever get rid of him.  His eviction notice has been posted and we're never letting him back in, even if he cries wee, wee, wee, all the way back to our front door.  8/08 can't come fast enough.  Good riddance, Porky!

If you see a pig wandering around outside your home, don't let him in.  Be strong.  Sure, he looks cute.  If you let him in, you'll become a slave to all his demands.  He'll beg you to never leave home without him.  Make him squeal.  You deserve a life of financial independence.

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