Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What Seeds Are You Planting?

You don't have to be a farmer to plant seeds.  If you are a teacher, parent, entrepreneur or community leader, you are like the farmer who tends to his fields.  Try planting these seeds in your garden and watch your world change:
  1. Hope seeds.  When you plant these seeds in your field of dreams you are a visionary who sees great potential.
  2. Faith seeds.  You believe in things others cannot see.  When your faith seeds sprout, your garden attracts curious onlookers.
  3. Love seeds.  These are the most powerful of all seeds.  They are capable of growing in fields infested with weeds.  They never die, even when the conditions are unfavorable.  Plant these seeds and your life will be blessed beyond measure.
I'm looking forward to a bumper crop this year.  How about you?  Please share what seeds you are planting in your garden this year.  


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