Friday, May 10, 2013

Rally Cap

In baseball, when it's late in the game and the home team is down, fans and players turn their caps inside out and upside down to inspire a comeback.  If you are struggling in the game of life, you can do the same thing.  Try these ideas and put your own rally together today:
  1. Do something different.  
  2. Change your routine.  
  3. Pray for a miracle.  
  4. Don't give up hope.
  5. Encourage the people around you to rally with you.
Sometimes, a rally begins with one small success.  Build on that.  Once the momentum gets going, that small success turns into a series of hits that change the outcome.  In my personal life, my wife and I are wearing our rally caps in our battle against debt.  We have men on base and we are in position to get a run.  Even though the score may be lopsided against us, it's a great time for a rally.  It reminds me of my days in San Diego when the Padre's mascot flipped his baseball cap upside down and waved a flag that said, "keep the faith."  Fans would hold up signs saying, "we believe."

Whatever area of your life needs some help today, I hope you find a way to turn things around.  It could be as simple as putting on your rally cap.  Do you believe?


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