Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Iowa Wave

"That man driving past us just waved at you, dad, and you didn't wave back,"  said our youngest son the first week we relocated to Iowa.

"Sorry, son, I didn't see him waving," I responded.

"Dad, everybody in Iowa waves.  You're being rude."

Our son is right.  Just about everybody you pass by on the Iowa roads waves.  It's subtle.  Here's how it works...
  1. Keep one hand on top of the steering wheel at all times so it's visible to others drivers.
  2. As you approach an oncoming car, lift two fingers off the steering wheel.
  3. Smile.
  4. Give a slight head nod.
  5. Repeat.
No words are necessary.  This is how Iowans communicate.  Silent but effective.  And friendly.  My family has been here over a year now and we've all become masters of the Iowa wave.   Beware of drivers who are still in the learning process.  They often forget steps three and four and their Iowa wave is not yet fully developed.  The middle finger displayed by itself in an upright position indicates an out-of-state driver is probably on the road.  This is usually accompanied by excessive speeding.  Be patient with these drivers.  Eventually, they will catch on.  The Iowa wave is contagious.  Give it a try today and make some new road friends.


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