Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What It Means To Go "All In"

Have you ever faced a moment in your life where you knew you were at the precipice and nothing would ever be the same again once you decided to go "all in"?  There are two choices.  They are black and white.  Your moment is not a's a decision.  It becomes a way of life.  I stood at this precipice five times.  Five times I told myself, I'm all in.  These are my moments of truth:
  1. The day I put the ring on her finger.  We believed in each other.  We shared the same dream.  Almost twenty-four years later, we still believe in each other; we still share the same dream.  We are both "all in" for life.
  2. The day I turned my life over to Jesus.  I gave Him permission to send me His Holy Spirit to dwell within me for eternity.  The moment was like taking my hands of the steering wheel on a jetliner and pushing the "autopilot" button without knowing where the plane would fly.
  3. The day I quit my job and joined a team of entrepreneurs.  The effort required a total commitment of time, talent and resources.  The sacrifices were great.  The experience was life-changing.  I became fearless.
  4. The day I became a writer.  I made a decision to write every day for the rest of my life.  This is a gift I was born with.  It's a part of my DNA.  I'm all in.
  5. The day I decided to relocate to Iowa.  In some ways, this was my greatest precipice of all.  I was living in a comfort zone and it was hard for me to let go.  It was like parachuting into a foreign country in the middle of the night with an empty wallet and no road map to follow.  
Don't worry about those butterflies in your stomach.  They are there to tell you it's time to fly.  And if they tell you to jump out of the plane in the middle of the night, trust your parachute.  Trust the One who is navigating.  Tell your butterflies they need to fly in formation.  Going "all in" is a safe bet.  What are your thoughts?


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