Friday, May 24, 2013

10 Things To Add To Your Spring Cleaning

A news reporter was walking through an Oklahoma home to use the bathroom.  It was one of the only homes in the area still standing.  The homeowner apologized for the mess.  I thought to myself, What's my excuse?  I have too much clutter.  It goes beyond the traditional Spring cleaning we do annually.  Here are ten things I'm adding to my Spring cleaning list:
  1. Excuses.  I'm throwing all of them in the trash.
  2. Broken promises.  They hurt others.  I'm making an effort to repair any promises that are broken while doing my best not break any new commitments I make.
  3. Overcommitments.  This is a big one for me.  It causes me stress when I try to do too much.  I'm learning to say no without feeling guilty.  Reducing overcommitments will also cut down on broken promises.
  4. Debt.  This is not just for Spring time.  This is on my list every season of my life. 
  5. Guilt.  The best way to get rid of guilt is to apologize for any past mistakes.  If the apology is accepted, guilt disappears.  If the apology is not accepted, the guilt still disappears.  
  6. Jealousy.  This shows up when relationships are threatened due to outside influences.  I'm a competitive person and don't like to lose, however, when it comes to relationships, they are a two-way street.  If you truly care about others, you will allow them to be free of your meddling.  
  7. Envy.  This is wanting what others have so much that you forget to be content with what you have or what you are.  I don't want to be anyone else -- I want to be me.
  8. Ten pounds of body fat.  I really can't just throw this in the trash.  Nope.  The only way I can't cut ten pounds of excess weight is to increase my physical activity and change what I'm eating.  
  9. Second-guessing.  It's really easy to kick myself later, after the results are in from a decision I made.  I'm learning to accept the fact that I'm making choices based on all the information I have at that specific moment.  Second-guessing focuses on the past.  It destroys self confidence.  Mistakes are part of the learning process.
  10. The secret places where I hide my clutter.  They give the illusion that my home is clean.  This Spring I'm re-arranging where everything belongs so I don't have to dump them in my hiding places.
Do you have anything to add to the list?  What is on your Spring cleaning list this year?


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