Monday, April 8, 2013

Will The Real Snow White Please Wake Up?

The other day I told my wife, "our lives are a fairy tale and you're Snow White."

"No," she replied, "You're Snow White.  I'm the one who woke you up."

Call me a romantic.  I like to picture myself as the knight in shining armor riding in on a white horse to rescue my damsel in distress.  But... Snow White?  Are you kidding me, my princess?

She went on..."you're the one who has been sleeping.  I had to wake you up.  I dreamed of a better life and now we are both living that dream."

The casual observer may argue that I ate the apple while living in Southern California and fell asleep.  After all, it doesn't get much better than going to the beach on New Year's Day or playing tennis year round.   The onlooker doesn't see the burdens of the sky-rocketing cost of living or the high taxes.  Our debt load was out of control.  Our business wasn't providing enough income to support multiple partners.  My family was eager for a fresh start; they were ready to explore new opportunities.  So, my princess kissed me and woke me up.  When I opened my eyes, we were in new surroundings.  The unemployment rate is below 5% and the economy is thriving.  My bride has a new full time job doing what she does best and I get to write every morning at sunrise before heading off to my day job in the marketing department of a fast-growing company committed to serving our community.  Whatever name you call us, we are wide awake from our slumber.  We have a plan to become debt free.  The whole family is living happily ever after.'s not Heaven, but it sure is close.  We are in Iowa, surrounded by my wife's siblings, living the dream.

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