Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to Handle Tough Times

Our arrival in Iowa over one year ago was somewhat embarrassing.  We calculated our travel expenses to the penny and ordered a moving truck.  The gas prices were lower than expected, however, the miles per gallon estimates were overly optimistic.  We limped into town with our wallets empty.  In fact, due to a math error, our checking account balance dipped into the negative on our last gas fill up.  Fortunately, our direct deposit from my wife's final paycheck saved the day when it showed up twenty-four hours later before the gas purchase was processed.

I shared this story with a peer at my day job and she said, "Wow Michael, even the immigrants who came to our country arrived with something."

If you are going through tough times right now, today's story is for you.  Just as nature has four seasons, we also have seasons we must cycle through.  Spring always follows Winter.  The sun always rises after a sunset.  And you, my friend, will get through tough times.

Here are three ideas to help you handle tough times:
  1. Everyone on this planet goes through all four seasons from birth to death.  The ones who do the best are the ones who see the lesson in every season and who believe all things will be new again.
  2. Appreciate the season you are in now; it has a lesson to teach you, hope to give you and opportunity to provide you.
  3. There are many generations who came before you with less resources, less technology and less amenities than you have today.  They endured tough times so that you can be here today.  Remember the sacrifices they made when they arrived with not much more than a dream.
The measuring stick I use today is different than the one I relied on growing up.  I no longer fear tough times or difficult situations -- I embrace them.  My life is measured not by what I take, but what I give.  This blog is my gift to you.  Please, take the seeds and plant them.  If you are struggling with tough times and you aren't sure when Spring will come, please plant the seeds in your garden.  I promise you, Spring will come. 

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