Monday, April 22, 2013

How Do You Define Victory?

God tends to pour blessings on people going in a direction He wants them to go. ~ Dave Ramsey, The Total Money Makeover - A Proven Plan For Financial Fitness

My wife opened up her book she checked out from the library and said, "This quote is about us."  The quote was from Dave Ramsey's book, a New York Times bestseller.  I read a few more pages before returning to my daily writing routine.  His points hit me like a brick.  Dave mentioned his ideas won't work when both spouses are in disagreement about his step-by-step plan to become debt free.

My wife has that gazelle intensity Dave refers to in The Total Money Makeover.  She made a ladder on a sheet of paper showing the steps we need to take to eliminate all our debts, including our mortgage.  Both of us can see that day when we declare financial independence.  Debt has always been our Achilles heel.  Any kind of debt is not good when you want to run like a gazelle.  It prevents you from crossing the finish line and declaring victory.

Victory may have many meanings.  For me, it means getting up after every fall.  It means being unshakeable in your faith no matter how dire the current situation may be.  Victory is about doing whatever it takes to carry out the plans God has for you.  I agree with Dave Ramsey's quote:  God tends to pour blessings on people going in a direction He wants them to go.  Every day, that dark tunnel my wife and I have been traveling through appears shorter and the light at the end grows brighter.  The gazelle holding my hand says, "keep running, honey, I see the finish line."  Yes, our lives are one big obstacle course and we are determined to cross the finish line together, no longer slaves to our debts.  How about you?  How do you define victory?  Your comments are invited at the end of today's blog.  Thanks for sharing.

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