Saturday, April 27, 2013

Plans for Summer Snow Balls

There is a motto at my day job about how we are always a season ahead.  This is carrying over to my personal life in a big way.  My wife and I are working on a financial fitness strategy that will produce snow balls in the summer.  Here's how it works:
  1. Cut out any and all unnecessary spending.
  2. Focus all energy on the smallest outstanding bill.  This is your first snow ball.
  3. Once the first bill is paid in full, add the next smallest bill to the snow ball.
  4. Tell your friends and family you are building a snow ball and you won't be able to make any splurges until you are done.
  5. Set up an emergency account with $1,000 to prevent your snow ball from melting when there is an unexpected expense.
  6. Once your debt is eliminated and your snow ball is full size, find another area of your life that needs attention.  Follow the same steps for every area of your life until your front yard is full of snow balls.
  7. Be thankful every day of your journey.  You can have fun building snow balls if you work together with the people you love.  You may inspire others to build snow balls in the summer when they see how much fun a project like this can be.
Are you making any plans for summer snow balls?  What area of your life needs the most attention right now?  I would love to hear from you.  Here's a picture of the first snowman I made in my new home state of Iowa...

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