Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Are There Ghosts In Your Rear View Mirror?

Are you haunted by something from your past?  If you're seeing ghosts in your rear view mirror, today is a good day to get rid of them.  They can be a real distraction when you're moving forward with your life.  Here are some tips for making those ghosts invisible:
  1. Stop feeding your ghosts.  They are following you around because they have a voracious appetite and you are serving their favorite food -- fear.  You can't change your past but you can change how you view it.  If you remove fear, your ghosts will disappear.
  2. Stop looking in the rear view mirror.  Your past is behind you.  That's exactly where it belongs.  There is nothing you can say or do to change it.  How many times do you have to keep turning around?  What will it accomplish?
  3. Concentrate on the ghosts that are with you in this moment.  They are the ones that really matter.  Every action you take or choose not to take is important.  The ghosts in your rear view mirror are meaningless and they deplete you of your time and energy.  If you are able to confront a ghost in the present, it will vaporize right before your eyes and leave you alone forever.
  4. There are some ghosts waiting for you in your future.  Some of them will never show up if you are living your life to its fullest and doing all that is necessary with the tools you have.  The present day ghost I'm battling right now is named "Debt."  Although he has been in my life for a long time, I'm counter-attacking with some new moves.  Once I vanquish him, some of his buddies lurking in my future won't want to waste their time trying to haunt me and they will vanish before I get a chance to meet them.
  5. Learn from children.  Have you ever seen a baby turn around and return to his or her mother's womb?  Did a kid ever say, "I want to go back to first grade because second grade is too hard"?  Do children ever look in the rear view mirror?  Maybe they are more concerned with going forward when they keep asking, "are we there yet?"
If you are like me, you have enough present-day ghosts in your life to battle today and you don't need to get double teamed by the ones in your rear view mirror.  Do your best to stay focused on today.  And if you have time, please share your ideas for getting rid of the ghosts in your rear view mirror.

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