Sunday, February 26, 2012

Zooming in the Zoom Truggy

Ramona's finest, Tony "Truggy" Montegna.
Congratulations to my friend, "Tony Truggy,"  owner of the world-famous Zoom Truggy, who started out in last place and zoomed over a crowded field of entrants to take second place in an ESPN televised event last weekend.

Tony told me, "the only reason I didn't get first is because I rolled.  I'll be back in three weeks and this time I'm coming home with first place."

Tony is a man of action.  He works hard, plays hard, and sometimes...he rolls.

If you live in Ramona, look him up at Main Street Auto Care, at 2317 Main Street.  He and his partner, Vince, will keep your car on the road.  And when you see him on TV racing his Zoom truggy, pay close attention as he zooms by the competition.  At a top speed of 140 mph, you might miss him if you blink.

Looking for more car club news in the San Diego area?  Click here for links to the Zoom Autos car club blog.

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