Monday, February 6, 2012

Why I Know Prayer Works

Every one of us on the planet has at least one gift.  I discovered my wife's gift early in our 22+ years of marriage.  She prays daily and God hears her requests.  When she first approached me about relocating to the Midwest over four years ago so she could be closer to her siblings, I scoffed.  So did our two oldest children.  My wife prayed.  And God changed our hearts, like changing your least favorite vegetable into your favorite fruit.  I'm still shaking my head about the way He positioned all the players on the field so that every Hail Mary my wife threw was caught.

My childhood prayer for wisdom has been answered.  No, I don't claim to be smarter than anyone else; I do claim to see things most others overlook, like God answering my wife's prayers.  He doesn't just move the mountains, He inspires others to participate in the movement.  It's like building a house without having enough money to complete it.  Then, out of nowhere, the resources show up just in time for the next phase of construction.

The success of prayers is tied to faith.  There must be an expectation the prayer request will be granted.  The prayer request needs to be for something that will improve humanity.  For example, if you have a heart for helping a neighbor in need but you don't have the resources, ask God to bless you with the tools you need to help the neighbor.  Be specific.  Have faith.  And watch Him answer your prayer.  Don't forget to thank Him.  Stay out of the limelight.  Point the spotlight back to the One who answered your prayer.

Yes, prayer works.  And to prove it, check back with me in thirty days and I'll give you my new Iowa, the endzone my wife has fixed her eyes upon during the entire football game.  Her teammates are all doing the salsa dance we learned while watching Victor Cruz of the New York Giants at the Super Bowl.  Do you have a story to share about how your prayers were answered?  Leave your comments below.  Here's a video link to one of my wife's favorite books...

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