Sunday, February 12, 2012

Is Your Head Spinning?

Do you tweet, Mr. President?
Even Presidents get stuck when it comes to change.  They are baffled by new technology and look to social media experts to stay connected in cyber-space.  The more I learn about the latest trends, the more I realize I'm behind the times.  How to you get over the social media headache?

You could throw your smart phone in the river or shut off the internet, however, the world will keep changing - with you or without you.  Here's a few ideas to stop your head from throbbing.

  1. Take baby steps.  Just because the world is changing at lightning speed, you don't have to.  Learn one new thing each day.  By the time this year is over, you will be walking confidently and your children and grandchildren will think you're cool.
  2. Watch YouTube videos.  If you can get over the fact that most "experts" aren't old enough to drive, you can learn everything you need to know about the latest internet offerings simply by typing your "how-to" request in the search bar and watching a tutorial.
  3. Get a twitter account and search for leaders in your area of interest.  I joined the Twitter party late.  This is how industry leaders keep in touch.  Maybe you will get a tweet from the president once his kids teach him how to use it.
Do you have any ideas to contribute about all the new social media changes?  Leave your comments below and join the party.

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