Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another Going Away Party?

I don't recall my social calendar being this full.  Last Saturday night I hosted a dinner/dance/auction fundraiser for my church at the Barona Indian Reservation.  Monday night my critique group sponsored a going away party.  On Thursday, my business partners treated me to one final lunch together.  This afternoon, my tennis buddies planned a "going away" tennis social, followed by a roast.  It's no ordinary roast.  It's a Mulligan roast.  Yes, I'm on the menu, literally.  And the guests are arriving hungry.  Cannibals!

I thought that would be the end of all the going away parties. However, my good buddy, Deacon Pat, called and asked if I would show up for one last going away gathering before my family and I move to the Midwest.  Since my house is scheduled to close escrow in three days on Leap Year, I'm pretty sure this is the last going away party.

People ask me why I don't read scripts when I'm speaking in front of crowds.  The answer is simple,  I really do follow a script, one written on my heart by my Creator.  He provides the script day-by-day on a need to know basis.  I don't need to memorize my lines, just live them, one day at a time.  And this will be my final message before leaving California:  You're in good hands as long as you follow the script.  I may not know what's ahead, however, I do know the end of the story.  It's one great climax the world will never forget...Jesus will return for one last going away party.  Every knee will bow.  That's a party you won't want to miss.  Comment below if you plan to be there when Jesus returns.

***News Flash***

I just received this email from a member of my writer's critique group.  She pleaded with me to help her daughter.  Her is an excerpt from her email she asked me to share with my blog readers...

This 7-year old Junior Apprentice was warmly embraced by locals from CEO Space, and encouraged in her reading, by founder Berny Dohrmann. Today she is working on her first manuscript and a 4th venture. She wants to get her business off the ground at the school that has already helped develop her. If her video receives the most votes, she’ll win a full scholarship to learn from the top minds in the world, and her mom will get to demonstrate what autism really is. Will you please help her?
  1. Follow the link below and like the page.   
  2. Then click the tab on the left that says: Contest of a Lifetime”.  
  3. Vote for the video titled “Adriell."
This is time sensitive. You can cast your vote every single day until March 7 at 11:00pm! Please share this with all your friends. Thanks!

Click here to vote.

I invited the young apprentice to my going away party.  My hope is for this young visionary's dream to come true.  Your daily vote and your sharing of this blog message will be the greatest farewell gift you could give me.  Thanks for helping out a fellow writer.

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