Friday, February 3, 2012

30,000 Pageviews and Counting

Thank you for reading my daily stories.  Your encouragement along the way is much appreciated.  Your feedback helps me to offer a better blog experience.  30,000 pageviews.  What a journey.  And it's really only just beginning.  Here's what you can expect from me in the future...
  • The Caveman in the Mirror, my first novel.  Release date is 3/17/13.
  • A new blog for passionate writers, editors, publishers, literary agents, and social media experts.  Click here to visit Caveman Reflections, A Cyber-bistro.
  • Free Lemonade Stories - A blog dedicated to people who wish to share their story about overcoming obstacles.  Top stories will become part of an Ebook, offered free to readers who follow any of my three blogs.  The release date is dependent on how many people share their stories.
  • Consistent blog writing.  New stories are posted every day at 8:08AM on this blog and at Caveman Reflections Cyber-bistro.  I'm now writing over 1,000 words a day.
  • Free Stuff- Bookmark this site and come by again for free give-aways.  Don't forget to visit my new Cyber-bistro and become a V.I.P. member.  You will be automatically entered in the monthly drawing for free autographed collector copies.
The greatest lesson I learned is to live your dreams.  When I founded my publishing business with my partners, all high achievers, I paid a high price.  The first two years as an entrepreneur,  I gave back any earnings in the form of capital contributions.  We challenged one of the biggest corporations in America.  When a second conglomerate entered the picture, we ended up fighting two multi-billion dollar giants at the same time, with limited resources.  The other giants have left our turf.  My role in the company today is limited to being an investor.  My partners now run the day-to-day operations while I pursue my ultimate impact the world through my writing and public speaking.  The 30,000 pageviews really only represent the first mile in my life's marathon.  I feel so alive.  Thanks for your support.  Let's keep running together.  The comments section is a place for you to share your journey with me.  Carpe Diem!

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