Saturday, February 4, 2012

Even Passions Have Their Limits

The blur between my "online world" and my "offline world" is getting fuzzier.  I so love connecting with other passionate people all over the planet.  This leads to a time management challenge which I must address.  My family needs me.  There are chores to do.  We are facing a major life event with our move to the Midwest in less than thirty days.  Here's my solution:

For the next thirty days, I will put strict limits on my "online world."  All writing and social media contact will be handled at specific times...

  • Writing, blogging, emailing, and social media contacting begins at 5:00AM daily.
  • Writing, blogging, emailing, and social media contacting ENDS at 8:08AM daily.
  • At 8:08AM I exit the writing cave and interact in the offline world like "normal" people.
  • Unless it's an extreme emergency, I will not respond to writing related emails until 5:00AM the following day.
  • Socalmulligan808 and Caveman Reflections blogs will each maintain a seven day reserve of stories to allow a one week blog "vacation" while I move my family to Iowa.  There will be no "online world" contact during this time, although my online friends will still see a steady flow of stories on both blogs at 8:08AM every day, even while I'm on vacation.  
Should I be fortunate enough to land a job involving my writing passion, I will modify my schedule in order to serve my blog readers without interfering with my new employer.  There is still an outside hope I may be able to turn my writing and speaking "hobby" into a full-time career.  This is an interesting topic of conversation amongst other family members.   For me, this is where prayers for discernment come in handy.

Thank you for your understanding about my need to put limits on my passions.  An amazing adventure awaits and my family is super excited about the changes we face.  With the right amount of balance between online and offline activities, I believe the quality of both will improve.  Care to comment?

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