Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My family departed at 4:30 AM this morning, leaving me behind to care for my daughter's horse, our pet dogs, and keep our business going.  While my wife and children are vacationing, I will use this time to reflect on all the changes in my life.

Many believe solitude is a negative thing, associated with loneliness.  Yes, I'm already missing my family, however, for me, solitude is a good thing.  I need to slow down and reflect on all the recent events in my life.  In a way, I'm having a vacation as well.

When I released my first book, I also let go of the extra baggage I've been carrying around related to past experiences.  There was this closet I kept locked up since my childhood.  I was afraid to visit this room until I started writing.  This experience was painful for me, however, now I feel like I'm floating.  This closet has been cleaned out and all the memories tucked away have been healed.

I plan to use this week to reflect on the feedback I've received from the first readers.  This book seems to be touching others in a deep way.  So many in this world have a closet filled with skeletons they pretend isn't there.  Maybe you are stashing away painful memories.  One of my friends told me he stopped reading my book after the first chapter because it was forcing him to look at his own past.

"Please, read the book all the way to the last page," I  requested.  "It's not too late to experience healing."

My buddy nodded his head and promised to complete the book.  My prayer for him and all who read this book is for healing.  The first step is to go into the closet and look around.  Are you ready?

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