Thursday, April 7, 2011

Getting Unstuck

One of my writer friends asked the group about overcoming writers block.

Byron answered, "paint your character into a corner or introduce a new character in the plot.  Now that your character is stuck, find a way to get him or her unstuck."

There are no other adjectives in the English language like "unstuck."  The dictionary defines it as brought into a state of disarray, discomposure, or incoherence.

In my personal life, Byron's advice is much needed.

I think to myself, what if God led me to this cul-de-sac on purpose?  Does He want me to look at my life from a different point of view?

Getting unstuck requires thought and action.  It's not necessarily a bad thing if you can grow from the experience.  A wise writer will set a trap for his character and then figure out a way to free him.  I wonder what the Author of my life is planning for my conundrum.  Without conflict, there isn't much of a story.  Sometimes, another character will enter to offer a solution.  In life, we need others to get through the impasse.

Are you stuck?  You are not alone.  Embrace your situation.  When you get unstuck you will be wiser and stronger.  A new frontier awaits you.  It's all part of life.

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