Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Marketing Mania

I've noticed an even greater intensity in my love letters to my wife these days leading up to the author talk on Saturday.  One would think that after nearly 4,500 combined love letters, we would run out of things to write about.  Life is never dull in our household and the marketing preparations are in high gear.

Yesterday, before work, I dropped off a bunch of fliers all over town.  The people I met were genuinely interested in my book and asked lots of questions.

"Come to my book signing," I said, "and I'll tell you all about it."

The best part about living in a small town is the openness of the people and their willingness to help out.  Noreen at Treasures Christian Store offered to clear some space in her store to carry my book and told me she would sell books at the back table while I'm on stage.

"I'll be setting up a bookstore in Temecula soon and I want you to do a book signing there, Okay?" she said. "And when you're ready, let's set one up here in our store."

When I offered to pay her for her time, she politely declined.

The folks at the bookstore inside the library offered four gift certificates as prizes for winners of the essay/photo contest and promised to introduce themselves to the audience during our event.  This book signing is more than autographing our books, it's about connecting with people and inspiring them to pursue their passion.

I feel really good about the marketing part of the process.  My newspaper friends and online supporters promise to spread the word.  This morning, I'm heading to the grocery stores to put up more fliers just in time for shoppers cashing in on today's specials.  I hope to see you Saturday.


JP said...

Many prayers for strength, of support and thanksgiving.

Michael Mulligan said...

Thanks, JP :)