Saturday, April 23, 2011

An Invitation to Speak

The other day, I shared the vision behind my second book, "the Caveman in the Mirror," with a new friend.

"I read your memoir," she said.  "Our stories have many parallels."

"You read my story and I don't know yours.  Please share."

When I finished hearing her story, I praised God for the healing He brought to this vivacious woman.  She speaks as if she has known Jesus all her life.  The night she graduates from her six month rehab, the house of worship will be filled with many others who consider themselves black sheep.  They are the very reason I write, to help them turn on the light of Christ and come out of the darkness.

My new friend had no idea Jesus is calling me to do the very thing she asked me to do.  I will add this to the long list of "Godincidences."  You came to our community six months ago to heal.  Next month, you will be graduating and it will be time for you to return to your daughters.  Your new life awaits you.  I thank God I got the opportunity to meet you and learn your story.  You will be a light in this world.  Congratulations!  Thank you for asking me to speak on your behalf.

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