Sunday, April 3, 2011


My wife just finished reading "Eat, Pray, Love" and asked me to watch the movie version with her last night.  This is a luxury I missed out on during the time in seclusion writing my memoir.  The movie, starring Julia Roberts, is about a woman searching for something.  She discovers new friends, amazing food, and her own self while traveling abroad.  It's in Italy where the language of love speaks to her with passion.

"Attraversiamo," she tells her love, meaning let's cross over.  Italians say this to each other when it's time to cross the street.  For Julia, it meant crossing over into a new life, no longer alone.

In my life, writing is stirring a new zeal inside my heart.  I strive to learn modish words in order to bring intensity to the pictures I paint.  It's like adding new colors to my box of crayola crayons.  This word, "attraversiamo," symbolizes my new life.  I stand tall as I watch the abrupt change in the weather patterns of my own life and I take my wife's hand, saying "Attraversiamo...I'm ready for all God has planned for us."  Her smile reassures me we will handle even the most dire storms in the extended forecast. In the end, love conquers all.  It's the one who is afraid to leave the cave who misses out on all the blessings.


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JP said...

What a beautiful word leading you to a more meaningful world. WE all need to learn this way of living, even if we can't quite remember the word.