Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chitter Chatter

The normal hustle and bustle in my household is gone for a moment.  It's a time of reflection for me while my family is away visiting my wife's siblings.  Here is a poem I wrote as I was awakening this morning to the sound of silence....

~ Michael Mulligan

The voices of yesterday, tomorrow and today spoke one over the other,
Tomorrow was the loudest,
While yesterday moaned,
Today was barely heard,

Silence, I told tomorrow,
Your day has not come,
You too, I quipped at yesterday,
Your broken record is all done,

It’s time to listen to today,
Filled with many promises,
Let's see what it has to say,
Of all the voices in my head,

I really like today.


Speaking of today, don't forget what Jesus did for you this week.  Today is the beginning, the day He washed the feet of His followers and celebrated the Last Supper.  Watch the YouTube video below, a great way to start today...

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