Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brain Power

I remember watching a fascinating Star Trek episode as an eight-year-old boy.  The crew was suddenly rendered unconscious.  When they awoke, they discovered that the enemy had stolen Spock's brain.  Captain Kirk eventually found the vulcan's brain on a distant planet, ruled by females.  In order to re-connect it, Dr. McCoy needed the assistance of some sort of brain enhancing device.  When the special alien helmet was placed over Bone's head, he gained all knowledge necessary to perform the operation.

Over forty years later, I recall this episode as I attempt to understand the transformation that is taking place inside of my own body and my brain.  It is as if someone placed one of the alien contraptions over my head and the mysteries of the universe were downloaded into my brain.  There is something going on that is supernatural.  I am truly understanding how each part of the Bible is connected.  It's not just a bunch of stories, it is God revealing Himself to us.

The truth is that none of us need science fiction to get answers to universal riddles.  All we need to do is ask for help.  The Holy Spirit will give us exactly what we need to discover who we are, why we were created and what are purpose is.  He will connect us with all the right people to help us complete our mission here on earth.  He will also help us to understand the Word of God.

Try this prayer today..."Father, show me who I am in your eyes.  Show me your plans for my life.  Please give me everything I need including the right people at the right time to do what you ask."  One more thing.  When you pray this prayer, EXPECT big things to happen.  You may even feel like you have been given a new brain and a new body.  Never underestimate God's power in your life or just how much He loves you...

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