Sunday, October 10, 2010


It's a triple ten day, even more rare than a visit from Haley's comet.  How are you going to use this day?  Will today be filled with anxiety about what is ahead in your life?  About the tomorrows that are not here yet?  Will you savor the sunrise and the sunset?

I plan to use this day to thank my Creator for giving it to me.  Yes, it is filled with hurdles, the kind of challenges that most fear.  I will concentrate on the one hurdle that is in front of me.  I don't need to worry about how many there are after jumping over the first one.  Instead, I will put my energy to work on the one closest to me.

Life is a series of hurdles.  Appreciate them.  Without them, life would be bland.  You were born to be soar.  You have opportunity in front of you.  When you look back at the end of this day, may you remember a day filled with all tens.  Enjoy...

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