Friday, April 16, 2010

The Tip of the Iceberg

This blog is the tip of the iceberg. Unless we call Alaska our home or we have had the opportunity to take an Alaskan cruise, most of us in the United States have probably never seen an iceberg. The crew of the Titanic wished they could have avoided the one that sank their ship.

As our planet warms, more and more icebergs are breaking away from the glaciers. Our technological advances allow us to track these glaciers and keep sea travelers safe.

The book I'm writing is about what happens when people in a boat hit an iceberg. It's about the struggle to keep the ship from sinking when the captain has gone MIA. The iceberg doesn't look anything like the picture to the right. No, it's all around us yet almost impossible to see. It has a life of it's own and a purpose, to destroy families and crush hope.

If you've been reading these blog posts, you already know the ending, GOD WINS. You may be asking, if I've given away the ending. why should you read the book? The short answer is so that you can be ready when your boat hits an iceberg.

The best selling book of all times started out as a collection of stories. In the first half of the book, the writer used a technique called foreshadowing. The second part is about a bunch of misfits who followed the main character around until they got ditched. The book had a target audience that had been predetermined by the author, however, the chosen audience rejected the lead character. Word-of-mouth propelled this book to record levels when outsiders embraced the book's central message of hope.

Mel Gibson saw potential with this book even though it was overlooked by Hollywood. He used his own money to turn the book into a movie. The final chapter of the book was not covered in the movie but it will make a good sequel, even though most who follow the main character already know the outcome.

The book grows in popularity even though it has been around a long time. Pick up a copy at your neighborhood bookstore or at Amazon (they even have it on Kindle). You may find one on your neighbors bookshelf.  It's title?...The Bible.

If you identify with all the misfits in the second half of the book and you like the classic good vs. evil theme, then make sure to pick up a copy of my book. Just bookmark this site and come back again for more details. My book is the tip of the iceberg, the Bible is the complete package, a must read...

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Michael Mulligan said...

Publisher's note: These posts are "random"...I write about whatever pops into my head each day. As I was reading this morning's news online AFTER writing "the Tip of the Iceberg", one of the headline stories was about air travel being disrupted due to a volcano that erupted underneath a glacier. Coincidence or God-incidence?