Saturday, April 10, 2010

Free Will

A drug, scopolamine, is being used to commit unspeakable crimes; it targets a specific area of the brain related to free will. According to reports coming out of Colombia, if a stranger were to blow the dust from this drug into your face, after a few moments, you would no longer have control of your mind or body. To the world, you would appear wide awake and normal. To the stranger who drugged you, you have just become a slave. Your credit cards, your possessions and your body now belong to someone you don't even know. When you finally wake up (if you wake up) there is no memory of anything. An empty bank account may be the only evidence that is left behind.

There is a certain emptiness that all of us have inside of us. Our free will allows us to pursue anything that will fill that void. This space is within our very souls and it is infinite. No matter what we do, this space cannot be filled up.

There are temporary solutions, like drugs, alcohol and sex. Some seek fulfillment in acquiring things. They always want more because no matter how big the bank account is or how many "toys" are in the garage, it is never enough.

Our Creator loves us perfectly. That means following Him is not mandatory. He did place something inside our souls that would make us curious. It is natural for all of us to want to figure out where we came from and why we were created. When we find the answers to these questions, suddenly that void inside of us is filled. Only a God who is Infinite can fill our souls up fully.

This happened to the group of followers that were locked up in a room after Jesus departed. They were struck with a powerful force that transformed them. Fear disappeared and new life emerged from inside their very souls. So powerful was this force that all who witnessed what was happening wanted to sign up. The Good News spread faster than a California wildfire.

This Holy Spirit who came in like a hurricane wind over 2,000 years ago is still here today, at this very moment. He will fill you up completely if you ask Him to be with you. He will lead you to the only solution that can satisfy the hunger that is inside of you...the choice is yours, all you have to do is exercise your free will and say yes. He is the One you have been looking for all of your life. Are you ready to be "filled up"?

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