Thursday, April 22, 2010

Odd Pet Behavior

The first thing our adopted pet named Lucky did when he entered our back yard was chase bees. This Australian shepherd/border collie mix amused us by jumping all over the place to snatch bees for hours at a time. I was happy to see him do this because it distracted him from eating the furniture.

Self-taught dog expert, Cesar Millan, is often called in to "fix" pets that are misbehaving. If you have one of these goofy pets living in your home, click on Cesar's site for some free tips.

Lucky is much calmer now that he is adjusted to his family. His years spent living outside all alone and tied up made him a little bit crazy. Some may have thought he was possessed by demons. Cesar Millan would tell you that he is only reflecting the behavior of his "pack". When a dog is left alone by his master, he can worry if everything is OK, especially if the dog thinks he is in charge.

It took countless hours of training to correct Lucky's odd behavior. By rewarding him with treats, he has even overcome his fear of going outside our home when it is raining. When I look at Lucky, I see a reflection of myself in him. I see why his behavior was so peculiar. For a long time, I was afraid to leave my "cave" and go out into the world sharing all the good that my Master has done for me. I never chased bees in my back yard but I did have a fear of sharing about my experiences from the past when I felt abandoned and chained up.

It comforts me to see Lucky at peace. He is surrounded by a family that loves him, just as I am surrounded by a loving family and community. Yes, it is strange to see so many dogs that look and act like their masters. My hope is that as each day passes, I behave more like the Master I follow and that I answer Him when He calls.

For those of you looking for a new pet, try your local animal shelter. These places are full of abandoned dogs that are in need of a loving home. If you should adopt one that behaves strangely, don't forget to look up the dog whisperer for help...

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