Sunday, April 18, 2010

Somewhat Competitive

My daughter's tennis coached asked me which division I wanted to play in with my daughter yesterday in the mixed doubles social. The ultra-competitive side of me was attracted to the group that included the top varsity tennis players. My left-handed nephew and my niece had already chosen this group. Nikki has been so busy with her school work and her horse that her tennis racket has not been used more than a couple of times these last two months, so I decided that we better join the "somewhat competitive" group and allow her a chance to ease back into her game.

My niece was asked by the number one varsity boy to team up with him and she did a great job in her group. My nephew was able to win some big games against talented players. Meanwhile, my daughter and I enjoyed our time playing in a round robin with six other teams, a group filled with talented players.

My daughter's competitive side really came out. When the points were close, our opponents hit most of the balls to Nikki and she fought valiantly. In the end, we got some really cool 1st place trophies, our first as a father-daughter team. My niece took 2nd place honors in the "super competitive" division.

Nikki caught the tennis bug. She did not want to leave even though we were on the courts for over three hours. When it was over, the number one player told me he would see me in Church on Sunday. I told him that is a good place to be because that is where our true strength comes from. Then he told me that he reads the Bible every day. As I looked at my left-handed nephew, I proclaimed that God is left-handed. He looked surprised. I told him that I tell all my right-handed opponents the same thing (tennis is such a mind game). Had he not read the passage that says "He created man in His own image"? Take a look at the picture of St. Michael, the archangel in the post, "Protection from Evil" and pay attention to which hand he uses to wield his sword...very interesting.

As I drove away, I was thankful that my daughter got inspired to play more often and that we have a couple of trophies to remember this great day. I was also thankful that my hair has been growing so fast since I will reading in our church today. The bald spot is blending in now and maybe only the blog readers will notice it if they look closely.

Like the actor who played Jesus in the Passion, I don't want to get in the way of God's message and I hope that the focus for the congregation will be on seeing Jesus and not the bald spot. Whether you are super competitive or somewhat competitive, choose to join your team-mates and spend some time with your left-handed Creator in church today. He still loves you even you if you are playing tennis with the wrong hand...

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