Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Right Place at the Right Time

Have you ever been at a moment in your life where you know deep down that you are exactly where you are supposed to be? Not only are you at the right place, but also at the right time. I experienced one of these aha moments yesterday while driving to my first appointment. There were some things on my mind that I wanted to talk to God about and I felt the urge to just pull over and give Him my undivided attention.

I found a great spot to pull over and had about thirty minutes to spare before my appointment. I pulled out a legal pad and headed for a large boulder at the top of the North Clevenger hiking trail, one of many along Highway 78 near the San Diego Wild Animal Park. The sun was popping out from the large mountain directly behind me. It cast a strange shadow on the plants that were damaged from the last wildfire.

After getting comfortable on my rock, I looked down at this amazing canyon below me. Then the "aha moment" hit me. It was a set of rocks that seemed to resemble the entrance to a cave. I pulled my Droid out of my pocket and snapped a couple of shots of this cave pictured in this post. I knew in my heart that this was the exact place God wanted me to be and the right time. Any other time of day and the sunlight would not be able to reach into the cave. Any other location and the cave would not be visible. Yes, God placed me in a special place where I could recognize His presence.

As I was praying, I realized that my reason for pulling over was because I had some pressing issues that required full attention. Most of my prayers are while I am doing other things, like driving or exercising. The only time God really gets to speak to me is when I am sleeping. I will have to work on giving God more time that is dedicated to Him, free from multi-tasking.

The lesson I learned yesterday while praying on the side of the road is that anywhere you are and any time of day is the right place and the right time when you are giving that time and space to God. That hour a week in church is nice but not really enough. If you feel inadequate in your prayer life, try setting aside time to be with the Creator. Everything else will fall into place when you make time to be in His presence...

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