Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't Stop Believing

When the lead singer from “Journey” left the band, a giant void was created that needed to be filled in time for their big tour. Band members scoured YouTube for a new lead singer. They found Arnel Pineda, a diamond in the rough that would become the new heart and soul of this timeless band. His first concert appearance as Journey's new lead singer is below. In the second video, Arnel and his band members share how they came together.

Before being discovered, He ate scraps of food off of the streets for two years while battling a drug and alcohol problem. He was mourning the loss of his mother, the one who taught him how to sing.

The band invited Arnel to audition in the United States. His invitation letter and his voice were needed to show the customs agent that he was for real. The agent was convinced that Arnel was legitimate after hearing him sing a “Journey” song right in front of him.

Arnel was not sure that he could overcome his shyness. His new role with “Journey” has given his family hope for a better life. No longer will he have to search for scraps off the streets. Arnel never stopped believing. His mother was his first fan. She saw something special in her son and nurtured his gift.

On Saturday, another special man from the Phillippines lost his father. Just like Arnel, this man had a gift that was uncovered by his parents. It was the gift of sharing a message of hope for the world. In order to share, he would need to learn to speak English and overcome his shyness. With his parents support, he conquered many obstacles and now serves as pastor of my church.

Journey fans felt a sense of loss when the first lead singer left the band. Arnel experienced this same emotion when his mother passed away. My pastor is dealing with this emotion as he plans his father’s funeral this week. My cousins and my aunt are in the same situation. The first followers of Jesus understood what it feels like to lose their leader. The one thing that unites these people and the entire world is that there is hope we will see these loved ones again, a message that is worth believing in. If you are experiencing a void in your life, don’t stop believing…

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