Monday, April 26, 2010

Silly Goose

It is such a Blessing to come from a large family. My youngest sister came out for a visit with her four children and we had a great time. It is amazing to watch how all the cousins interact, especially the youngest who just turned three. This is the age that their unique gifts and personalities begin to be revealed. Silly Goose, as her Uncle calls her, is the last of the next generation in our family line. As this generation grows up, another one will soon follow.

While watching Silly Goose's brother play with my son's military toys, I remembered the day the Minardo family gave them to me and my brothers. The brothers were older than us and they no longer played with GI Joe. The entire neighborhood hung out with us for hours at a time. Any time we would get money for our birthdays, we raced off to the Ben Franklin store to add tanks and guns to our collection.

This collection was turned over to our younger cousins and then returned after they grew up. One of these younger cousins joined the Marines. It appears that my youngest son will follow him. It felt good to see Silly Goose and her siblings playing with my children's toys. I chuckled as Silly Goose shooed me away from her Polly Pockets. "Go away" she whispered as she entered her private play world.

Today, Silly Goose and her family will be going away. Some day I will watch her walk down the aisle in a wedding dress and I will remember the joy she and her family brought us. How good it is to be out of the cave spending time with family and extended family. I pray that you make time in your busy life to be with family and friends. May you be Blessed with people like Silly Goose and her precious family that can make you smile no matter what challenges you are facing in the outside world...

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